The Pursuit of Tal Lorvas


Pre start

So there I was, looking at the bright wall that is my computer screen, a background he said. Eugh. And I even had to choose a class! So many choices! Well, I’ve always had an affinity for melee classes, and since I also play rogue in WoW I thought, why not give it a try here? It was a not-so-stealthy half orc rogue, sporting a spiked-chain in a martial arts style, very fancy. He also had one eye. In any case, I had this great idea for a wizard, I can’t mention my great idea here yet in case I’ll need it for a time yet to come, but it is a magnificent idea! Turns out one of our other players wanted to be a wizard, so I forfeit and made it a sorcerer instead, no biggie, after all I required was an arcane wielding nutcase. But, we still needed a healer to keep our sorry asses alive. I prayed for weeks, hoping someone would roll a leader-type, but to no avail, all we had were two other strikers, a controller and a defender. I contemplated for a time, maybe we could see this through without a healer, we did have a lot of dpr, or at least we should have. sigh I started looking around for any leader class I would even be remotely happy to play with, bard? too loud. Artificer? too techy. Cleric? well, in all our games we had a player who only played cleric, a cleric shooting lazor from her eyes and nursed us like we were her kids. No way I’d play that. then I saw the Battle cleric, at first I had dismissed it as a bad version of the devoted cleric. But when I looked closer, I came to realize this was a pretty interesting class, combined with a savage natured character this PC could be made manly enough for me to consider playing! Magnificent.

Even though I very much doubt it will ever be forgotten, I have to mention it took Malthe just about a month to come up with a background. Laughing material for years I say!

-Mathias/Stormthe Battle Cleric of Kord



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