Introvert, intelligent, cold, logical, calculating, worldweary, sarcastic, reserved, Clean, metallic and blue.


Legalo, level 5 Warforged, Swordmage Build: Assault Swordmage Swordmage Aegis: Aegis of Assault Background: Missing Master

FINAL ABILITY SCORES Str 17, Con 13, Dex 10, Int 19, Wis 10, Cha 8.

Starting Ability Scores Str 14, Con 11, Dex 10, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 8.

AC: 23 Fort: 16 Reflex: 17 Will: 16 HP: 57 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 14

TRAINED SKILLS Arcana, Athletics, Endurance, Perception.

FEATS 1: Toughness 2: Warforged Tactics 4: Improved Warforged Resolve

POWERS 1, At-Will: Greenflame Blade 1, At-Will: Sword Burst 1, Encounter: Flame Cyclone 1, Daily: Whirling Blade 2, Utility: Eldritch Speed 3, Encounter: Transposing Lunge 5, Daily: Lingering Lightning

ITEMS Backpack (empty), Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Sunrods (2), Waterskin, Rope, hempen (50 ft.), Pouch, Belt (empty), Warsoul Longsword +1, Cape of the Mountebank +1, Leather Armor of Resistance +2


Siralos he had named it. It had forgotten everything before its long slumber, but its learning capabilities were enormous. After dedicating some deep thought to the matter, seeing as it could be risky, perhaps even dangerous to keep him around Drovis decided, despite everything, that he would keep the metal man so it could accompany him in the lonely tower. Drovis soon learned that this was no simple machine. It had a mind of its own, consciousness, morale and ethics. He decided to continue the arts of the swordmage seeing as he had never had a pupil and became Siralos’ master in training. Siralos had a huge affinity for magic so it was no problem for it to adjust to the eldritch flows of magic. Drovis had survived by hunting with Legalo who only needed to power down once in a while to keep fully functional. The eldritch streams of magic were his fuel. One day the machine came up to Drovis and addressed him with a problem. At first he thought it was something graver. “Master, I remember before my slumber that there were different kinds of humans. Under categories to humanism called ‘male’ and ‘female’. I should very much like to be addressed as a male as this is how I view myself. Thank you.” Drovis was baffled. Siralos had problems with who he had been before his long slumber. It weighed heavily on him. Every day. He was growing desperate. He knew the quest had been of huge importance. Legalo and Drovis did all the research they could on it both in Legalos body and brain and in some of the old books that lay in the tower. This life, or maybe in Siralos’ case, lack of same they lead for about 4 years when one day everything was destroyed. They had been closer than ever to discover who Legalo had been one day on the third seed, moons passing. Culbar house had found Drovis. It was a day like any other. A knock had been heard on the front door and Drovis was startled by this. “Who would be this far from civilization?” Drovis neared the door cautiously. The door rattled as it was crushed under the mighty blow from a two-handed axe. Two huge men walked in to the room. “We’ve come fer ya Drovis,” One of the men sneered. His face was crude and he had a scar down his chin and an eye patch on his right eye. The other man then said, “Cannae’ have ye growin’ up ta’ be as mighty an’ strong as yer poppa’”. They laughed. Four more men stormed into the room. Drovis, fast as lightning drew his faithful Ul’baen and charged the closest of the two men and a flash of fire flew from his blade as he cut down the man with the eye patch who was too shocked to even react. The guards all attacked Drovis but he dodged their pikes gracefully. “Siralos!” he shouted. Siralos was already there. And came down upon one of the smaller men with a dagger he had found. The man exclaimed a guttural grunt as his throat was ripped apart, spraying blood everywhere in the room. The other huge man charged Drovis, axe lifted high over his head and fate was cruel. Drovis had been too occupied with one of the pikemen to see the axe. It connected with his chest ripping apart both bones and muscle. Drovis screamed in agony and fell down. “NO!” Siralos thought as he heard his masters scream and turned his head only to see his master’s broken body lying on the floor. He was filled with rage and anger rolled through his every wooden vein. His vision turned a clear intense blue and blinded the man in front of him. He yelled a primal metallic yell and turned upon the guard and drove his dagger through his head. Siralos slaughtered every man in the room, even the last of the guards who had sheathed his weapon and gone down on his knees to pray for mercy. He was cut down without a second thought. When the bloodrage had gone he hurried over to his master. Drovis’ mouth was full of blood. “Siralos… I’m sorry that we did not find out about your past… I had hoped to help you…” “It matters no more my master. Rest your broken body.” “Thank you Siralos… I really do hope you find out about your past…” Those were Drovis Lowhru of the Manidil house, only heir to the baron of Manidil’s last words. “Sleep now my master and may you find the peace you deserve.” said Siralos as blue fluids trickled down his dark, bloodstained, metallic chin. He took up Drovis’ sword Ul’baen and supported himself with it besides Drovis’ body, He torched the tower, took up his master’s sword, Ul’baen and incorporated it into his body as an everlasting memory to him and left the only place he had known in this life, to find the answers he sought. “I swear I will avenge you master and find out about my past. For both our sakes. I have eternity.”

• Describe yourself in ten words or fewer. Personality: Introvert, intelligent, cold, logical, calculating, worldweary, sarcastic, reserved, slight contempt of humanity.

Appearance: Clean, metallic, blue, ornamented, wellcrafted (litteraly), tall, slender, robotic dark ominous voice, strong.

• What do you think is your greatest strength? My calculative nature, and my intelligence.

• What do you think is your biggest weakness? The fact that I can’t look at things from a living perspective. I tend to belittle life even though I’m pining for it in secret.

• What is your most distinguishing feature? My ‘’birthmark’’ in the back of my neck. Except from that I’m distinguished from other warforged’s by my mostly metallic body.

• Why did you choose an adventuring life? To uncover my past identity and quest.

• Which family members or friends do you hold most dear? My deceased master.

• What people, groups, or objects hold your greatest loyalty? I bow to no one except the teachings of my master. I watch greatly over my master’s old sword and whenever I am about to risk my life I swear by my sword.

• What career do you want to have one year from now? Five years? I wish to hone my skills in the arcane and dig out even more secrets about my past. I could see myself as a masterswordmage.

• What place do you wish to visit? The place from which much arcane energies came from and where the eladrins hail from which was also the origin of the swordmages.

• Consider your skills. How did you acquire them? From my former master.

• What do you like to do when not adventuring or training? Honing my skills.

• What magic items do you crave? POWERFUL magic items, with ancienty and stuff.

• Where do you enjoy hanging out?

• How do you want people to remember you after your death? I’m immortal.


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