The Pursuit of Tal Lorvas

The confrontation between me and Tal Lorvas

I’m writing this down in hope for some kind of salvation/peace. We finally figured out how to open the strange door to the lair of Tal Lorvas. It really gave me the chills when I walked down a giant stair for ages completly covered in darkness and the feeling of something empty inside my heart. It was great having my friends and companions with me. Siralos took care of me down there – our big metal guy who I find a bit weird. One time he helped a guy selling traveler’s dust because of the shelf that’s hidden deep in his chest. So we walked down the stairs trying to follow Sir Marshall and the soldiers he brought with him. After something that felt like a lifetime we finally reached the end of the almost endless stair.

We now had three ways to go and three options – Sir Marshall was gone. I hate it when there’re too many options. Options equals responsibility and I don’t want responsibility – it might cost the life of my sister who I believe is trapped down here somewhere. So we continued our task after deciding to go left. Then – really freaky things started happening around us. After researching the black, strange glass-stone-walls around us, which we believe were made by magic we started walking. All of a sudden a completly pale and insubstantial corpse of somekind came out of the walls white as a sheet. There are no words for the fear that ran through my body as it yet came closer to us…. living. I felt a cold wind as it passed us with horrific eyes screaming in madness. Shortly after it disappeared into the wall behind us and silent whispers started occuring from the walls. For some reason I’m sure the “guy” was with Sir Marshall earlier this…. whaveter it is – hour? Day? Year?

Tal Lorvas you better be down here and you better show up quickly so I can get out of here right away. SHOW YOURSELF…..! – Please….



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