The Pursuit of Tal Lorvas

Siralos' notes


On the subject of halflings and addiction.

Today was most eventful. I’ve logged this because of the behavior of one my companions. The subjects name is Tim, though I know that that’s not all he is, but I’ll get on to that later. We were watching a man called Mr. Rosenfield, conducting researches about his daily goings, when I got the unique opportunity to watch something quite out of the ordinary. Tim had gone to knock on Mr. Rosenfields castle door (after robbing him, countless times – he is very handy. I should credit him for this at the closest opportunity.) As said he chose to knock on the castle door. The waiter appeared. He closed the door due to Tim’s size. This happened 3-4 times or so. Tim then chooses to let his bodily fluids flow out upon Mr. Rosenfield’s door. (Maybe this has something with marking territories to do? I shall have to study this closer on a later account.) Mr Rosenfield’s guard appears but Mr. Tim does not move or suspend the steady flow of urine. The guard is drenched. Mr Tim runs and bolts are shot at him. He avoids them. This is where his addiction is playing in. Would a sane humanoid do anything of this sort? I do not know yet and will conduct more research on the subject later.

- New moons month 56. day of the 1476. year.



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