The Pursuit of Tal Lorvas

Rules ;)

So I found this ruleset:

  • these rules are written on paper, not set in stone tablets
  • rules are suggested guidelines, not required edicts
  • if the rules don’t say you can’t do something, you can
  • there are no official answers, only official opinions
  • when dice conflict with the story, the story always win
  • min/maxing and munchkinism aren’t problems with the game; they’re problems with the player
  • the game master has full discretionary powers over the game
  • the game master always work with, not against, the players
  • a game that is not fun is no longer a game – it’s a chore
  • this book contains the answers to all thingsp.
  • when the above doesn’t apply, make it up

Sounds about right ^^



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